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Taylor Wimpey Central London
+44 (0)20 7355 8134
20 Air Street
London W1B 5AN
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Opening hours: office hours are 08.30–17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30–16.00 Friday.

Out of hours emergencies

Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA)
+44 (0)345 609 1581

Opening hours: 17:00–08:30 Monday to Thursday, 16.00 onwards Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays

You will be required to provide NPA with your full postal address. If NPA regard the item as a non-emergency, they will refer this back to working hours reports through TWCL.



Peterborough House,
1 Jubilee Walk, WC1X 0BF

+44 (0)799 911 8347

Customer Care

Our dedicated Customer Relations team are in place to ensure you are happy with your new home and assist with any issues that may arise during the two-year warranty period.

Should you need to bring any matters to our attention at any time over your initial two-year warranty period, please contact Customer Relations using the details below and we will arrange for them to be attended to.

Customer Relations Contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7355 8134


Address: 20 Air Street, London W1B 5AN

The Customer Relations team are available 08:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday, 08.30 – 16.00 Friday


NHBC Warranty

All our homes come with a two year Taylor Wimpey Warranty and a ten year Buildmark cover from National House Building Council (NHBC), starting from the date of legal completion.

NHBC is one of the major independent regulators for the new homes industry and endeavours to raise house-building standards and prevent structural problems arising.

For the first two years after legal completion, we are responsible for resolving any issues in line with your warranty. Should you need to raise any queries during this period, please contact the Customer Relations team.

During year’s three to ten, this responsibility then passes to NHBC. If you have any queries during this time, contact NHBC using the details below.


+44 (0)800 035 6422

NHBC House , Davy Avenue,  Milton Keynes ,  Buckinghamshire  MK5 8FP

Two year Taylor Wimpey defect warranty

Your home is covered under a two years defect warranty by Taylor Wimpey Central London, which lasts for two years from the date of legal completion, this warranty covers items which are not included in the NHBC Buildmark cover.

Should you have a defect, our Customer Relations team will take the relevant details and make arrangements for an appointed operative to visit your home if required. 

To report a defect please email 

Your rights

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Some manufacturers also offer warranties to Taylor Wimpey customers over and above the initial Taylor Wimpey two-year Warranty. Your home appliances are covered by the manufactures warranty. Please contact the manufacturer directly. We do not cover you for every problem that may occur, and you are obliged to carry out maintenance on your home. Several limitations and conditions apply.

Alteration of your home

Any alteration or extension made to your home following legal completion may adversely affect all, or part of, your warranty. Please liaise with your Taylor Wimpey Central London (TWCL) Customer Relations team if you plan to alter your home.

Change of ownership

This warranty is not affected if you sell or let your home. It would help if you could pass on the details about the warranty and what it covers to tenants or subsequent buyers. If you sell your home, the cover automatically transfers to the new owners within the warranty period.

Our warranty does NOT cover:

  • Problems with any workmanship, materials or appliances that you have brought or added to the property
  • Damage caused by storms, negligence, abuse or poor maintenance of the property or appliances. This include blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste
  • Any cosmetic defects such as scratches, chips or marks that have not been reported within seven days of legal completion. This includes decoration, flooring, tiling, textured ceilings, kitchen units, fitted bedroom and bathroom furniture, worktops, sinks, sanitary ware, appliances, glass and other similar items. Outside of this time frame, it may be difficult to prove how the damage was caused and TWCL cannot be held responsible
  • Any problems caused by natural shrinkage or condensation
  • Any inconvenience, distress or consequential loss of enjoyment, or income loss caused by remedial works, assuming all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise disruption
  • Maintenance and annual servicing of MVHR, HIU, or any electric and mechanical element within the apartment. 

Should you still have a problem, please call our Customer Relations team within office hours 08:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday, 08.30 – 16.00 Friday.

For out of hours emergencies  we can only respond to genuine emergencies, so please make sure you have done all the necessary checks before you call.

Manufacturer Warranties 


Should you experience any problems with your appliances within the two-year warranty period, please contact the appliance manufacturer directly, quoting your appliance model and serial number. The model numbers of all your appliances are provided within your respective appliance manuals.

For your convenience, we would ask you to register your details directly with the manufacturer to obtain your appliance warranty. Contact details are listed below:

+44 (0)800 519 2116 

Emergency Assistance

National Property Assistance (NPA) have been appointed to deal with any situations that require immediate attention when our offices are closed 17:30 – 08:30 Monday to Thursday, 16.00 onwards Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays

Tel: +44 (0)345 609 1581

 You will be required to provide NPA with your full postal address. If NPA regard the item as a non-emergency, they will refer this back to working hours reports through TWCL.

What is an emergency?

Central heating and hot water

Complete failure of the central heating/ hot water system. Before calling, please check that this has not been caused by any of the following

  • Local electricity problems
  • Incorrectly setting your timers or thermostats
  • Any shut off device that can be reset by the user (refer to boiler/cylinder instructions for further details)
  • Planned maintenance or repair works being performed

Water supply

Complete loss of water supply. Before calling, please check that your water supplier has not turned off the water to carry out repair work in the area. Please also check with concierge to ascertain if there are planned maintenance or repair works being performed.

Water leak

When a leak cannot be contained and is causing damage, particularly if it is leaking into an electrical fitting.

Loss of power supply to socket outlets

When there is a total loss throughout the property and it cannot be solved by resetting the master trip switch, or if the loss is partial but there is a potential safety hazard.

 Please check that your electricity supplier has not turned off the mains to carry out repair work and that there is no local power failure.

Please also check with concierge to ascertain if there are planned maintenance or repair works being performed.

Blocked drains

When they are causing a flood or overflowing internally or externally.

Please be aware that if NPA respond to your call and it is later found to not be an emergency you could be charged for their service.

What is not an emergency?

For all non-emergencies, please call us during office hours only and we will respond as soon as we can. Repair times depend on the severity of the problem and the availability of spare parts, but most problems are solved within 28 days.

We would like to advise you that all non-emergency issues will be attended to at a mutually convenient time during normal working hours.

Examples of non-emergencies are:

  • Dripping taps
  • Faulty kitchen appliances