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Taylor Wimpey Central London
+44 (0)20 7355 8134
20 Air Street
London W1B 5AN
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Opening hours: office hours are 08.30–17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30–16.00 Friday.

Out of hours emergencies

Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA)
+44 (0)345 609 1581

Opening hours: 17:00–08:30 Monday to Thursday, 16.00 onwards Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays

You will be required to provide NPA with your full postal address. If NPA regard the item as a non-emergency, they will refer this back to working hours reports through TWCL.



Peterborough House,
1 Jubilee Walk, WC1X 0BF

+44 (0)799 911 8347

Safety & Security

Safety of you Home

Holidays/extended periods of non-occupancy

Please take all necessary precautions before going away on holiday or leaving your home unoccupied for long periods of time. For example, please isolate your mains water supply at the stopcock. TWCL cannot be held responsible for any damage caused if the correct precautions are not taken during these periods. Don’t forget to check that your insurance will cover you if you are going to be away from your home for an extended period.


For your peace of mind, all the external doors of your home are fitted with approved British Standard multi-point locking system locks. Your home also has a fused power supply fitted in the utility room if you wish to install an intruder alarm in the future.


For visitors to the apartments, there is a video entry call point next to the entrance of the block that can be used to call your home. For full user details, please refer to your user manual. In addition, the concierge can be located at Peterborough House, 1 Jubilee Walk, WC1X 0BF.

For everyone’s safety and security, please do not allow anyone else into the building apart from your own guests.


There are several CCTV cameras across the development so that activity can be monitored and recorded. This is for the security of all residents and properties.

The managing agent will monitor the CCTV footage and will be responsible for maintenance of the cameras and equipment.

Fire Safety

The building has been designed and constructed in such a way as to protect the people inside and to ensure that there is an appropriate provision for an early warning in the event of a fire. The design also ensures an appropriate means of an escape to a place of safety located outside the building in the case of a fire. Please make yourself familiar with all fire exit and safety signs.

Smoke & heat detectors

Your home is fitted with mains powered Smoke and heat detectors through your apartment. They are interconnected, so that if a fire is detected, all the alarms will sound, and mains powered with a battery back-up in case of power failure. We recommend you test these once a week.

If one alarm in your apartment is activated all alarms within your apartment will automatically be activated.

Alarms only sound within each apartment. If an alarm is activated, your neighbours and the communal areas will not be activated. 

A heat detector is installed within your kitchen. Heat detectors have been fitted in the kitchen as these are not activated by smoke or steam created by cooking. The alarms are wired into the mains circuit with a backup 9v battery in case of power failure. To ensure they are working check for a constant green light with a red light flash every 40 seconds.



Sprinklers are installed within your apartment for your safety. Please do not tamper with them or paint over them.


Smoke and heat detectors need very little maintenance, but it is vital that you regularly test and clean them so that in the unlikely event of a fire they will be able to alert you.

  • Ensure that the green light is always on and the red light flashes every 40 seconds
  • To test your detectors, hold the test button down until the alarm sounds
  • To clean detectors vacuum or wipe with a dry cloth them regularly to ensure dust does not block the sensors
  • If your detector starts to beep, your battery may need changing. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for further information