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Opening hours: office hours are 08.30–17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30–16.00 Friday.

Out of hours emergencies

Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA)
+44 (0)345 609 1581

Opening hours: 17:00–08:30 Monday to Thursday, 16.00 onwards Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays

You will be required to provide NPA with your full postal address. If NPA regard the item as a non-emergency, they will refer this back to working hours reports through TWCL.



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Below is a list of the most common issues that may require troubleshooting.

Please explore the section in full or use the Explore More facility to go to your specific area of interest.

Loss of power

To an individual power or lighting circuit:

  • Check whether a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) or Residual Current Device (RCD) has tripped in your consumer unit
  • Try resetting the switch by flicking the switch back to the on position (DO NOT force the switch into the ON position if resistance is felt)
  • If a particular light is not working, check whether the bulb has blown and replace it if necessary
  • If the switch trips again, unplug every item on the circuit and try each one until you find which is causing the fault
  • If after this you are unable to reset the MCB, you should contact TWCL Customer Relations team if you are still within the first two years of your warranty. Outside office hours, our emergency call out company, Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA), will be able to assist. An electrician will then be instructed to rectify the problem. Beyond the warranty period, you should contact a registered electrician
  • Before contacting TWCL to report loss of power, first check with neighbours or the relevant service provider to ascertain whether this is due to works being undertaken locally
  • Contact concierge to ascertain if there are planned maintenance or repair works being performed

UK Power Networks
+44 (0)800 316 3105

Loss of power supply to socket outlets

When there is a total loss throughout the property and it cannot be solved by resetting the master trip switch, or if the loss is partial but there is a potential safety hazard.

Please check that your electricity supplier has not turned off the mains to carry out repair work and that there is no local power failure. Please also check with concierge to ascertain if there are planned maintenance or repair works being performed.

Water leak

Mains pipework

 In the event of a leak, turn off the stopcocks located in the utility cupboard within your home.

From the dishwasher or washer/dryer

  • Turn off the appliance and the isolation valve. The isolation valves are coloured blue and are located in the pipework close to the appliance. They are turned off when the blue plastic tap head is turned 90 degrees to the pipe
  • Within the first two years, please report the leak to the Customer Relations team as soon as possible 
Stopcock 2

Blocked waste pipe

  • Use a plunger to try to remove the blockage
  • Try a drain cleaner (available from supermarkets), being careful to follow the manufacturer’s safety advice
  • Before unscrewing the plastic trap under the sink, run cold water for 5 minutes to ensure all drain cleaner has been flushed from the trap
  • Unscrew the plastic trap under the sink, remembering to place a container underneath to catch any waste water and, whilst wearing gloves, remove any material causing the blockage
  • We suggest removing the trap prior to the use of chemicals. (Opening the trap full of corrosive liquid could result in injury)
  • As blockages are not covered under your warranty, please contact a qualified plumber to attend

Blocked drains

When they are causing a flood or overflowing internally or externally. For more information on blocked waste pipes, click here.

Loss of water supply

Complete loss of water supply. Before calling, please check that your water supplier has not turned off the water to carry out repair work in the area. Please also check with concierge to ascertain if there are planned maintenance or repair works being performed.

Smoke alarm beeping

The alarm beeps intermittently when the battery is depleted. Please replace the battery and test this is working. If the smoke alarm is beeping consistently it may have detected a fire in your property. Please follow emergency procedures if this is the case.

Problem with installed appliance

Installed appliances should be registered with the manufactures warranty system.

If you think you need a visit from an engineer, please follow these steps:

  • Check the manufacturer’s Product Advice page – common issues can be solved by browsing the online help
  • You should also check your instruction manual. PDF copies can be downloaded from the Siemens or Bosch websites or access via the below link
  • If you’re unable to resolve the issue yourself and require a visit by an engineer, locate the E-NR (model) and FD (production date) numbers for your appliance
  • Book a visit by calling the contact centre
  • Read their full terms and conditions for chargeable repairs

Poor television reception

◦Please note that the aerial system may be operating from a different transmitter than your previous home and some initial tuning of your television may be necessary. For more information on your TV reception, click here.

Room is too cold

Check the following before contacting TWCL (or NPA for out of hours):

  • Ensure the timer on the programmer has been set correctly
  • Check the temperature setting on the room thermostat

Loss of heating and hot water

Check the following:

  • The power supply to the heat exchange unit is on and the fuse is working
  • The thermostats are turned up high enough
  • The pump is running. If not, it’s best to call an engineer as the repair will require professional expertise
  • Contact concierge to ensure there is no disruption to the hot water supply

Water is too hot or too cool

If your hot water temperature is too high, please check the thermostat setting, which ideally should be set at 60°C. If your water is too cool, please report the issue to the Customer Relations team for investigation if you are still within the first two years of your warranty

Summertime overheating

Today’s modern homes are constructed to high levels of thermal insulation to minimise heat loss. This is achieved through the building fabric as well as modern home design, which often incorporates large areas of glazing to reduce the need for artificial light. These combine to minimise heating and electricity charges.

However, at times of very high temperatures outside, there is the possibility that your home may become uncomfortably warm and ‘overheat’. There is a greater risk of ‘overheating’ in south and west facing houses.

To help with this, openable top hang windows have been designed for your home. In addition, if your property has a balcony or terrace then there is an openable glazed door.

Cracks in plaster

  • Wait until the drying out process is complete (approximately 18 months), then fill and repaint the area
  • Shrinkage cracks are not significant and will not affect the structural soundness of your home. It is your responsibility to make good any cracks that can be easily put right with filler and paint during the normal process of redecoration. TWCL will only rectify any abnormally large cracks – those that are over 2mm wide (as per NHBC guidelines)

Plaster popping

  • Where plaster pops off screw heads in wall and/or ceiling finishes, wait until the drying out process is complete (approximately 18 months), then fill and repaint the area