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Taylor Wimpey Central London
+44 (0)20 7355 8134
20 Air Street
London W1B 5AN
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Opening hours: office hours are 08.30–17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30–16.00 Friday.

Out of hours emergencies

Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA)
+44 (0)345 609 1581

Opening hours: 17:00–08:30 Monday to Thursday, 16.00 onwards Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays

You will be required to provide NPA with your full postal address. If NPA regard the item as a non-emergency, they will refer this back to working hours reports through TWCL.



Peterborough House,
1 Jubilee Walk, WC1X 0BF

+44 (0)799 911 8347


Water Supply

Your water supplier is Thames Water. Your water meter is in the riser cupboard in the communal corridor. For access please speak to the Concierge. 

Thames Water
0800 316 9800 


Your home’s water supply is fed directly into the water meter using a plastic stopcock. The stopcock can be used to turn off the supply off all domestic water to your home and can be found within your service cupboard. 

Isolation Valve for water fed appliances 

Stopcock 2

Where you have water fed appliances in your kitchen and services cupboard e.g. washing machine and dishwasher, an isolation valve can be found in the pipe work to the appliance. This will enable you to shut off the water supply for maintenance purposes.  

Maintaining your plumbing 


You are responsible for the maintenance of all your fittings and their waste plumbing. You can prevent blockages by following the below tips:

  • Do not put anything other than toilet paper down the toilet
  • Do not put large amounts of bleach into the system
  • Do not empty cooking oil and fatty deposits into the sink
  • Do not throw medicine down the toilet
  • Regularly flush disinfectant to clear the pipework with any soap residue 
  • Remove any hair from plug holes to avoid hair getting trapped  

TWCL cannot be held responsible for, or for costs relating to, any blockage requiring the services of a plumber/drainage company which is a direct result of not following the above recommendations.